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Huge advent calender for Google Chrome projected onto Westfield

Animated, projected Advent Calendar

Skyskraper were commissioned by Flourish Creative to help them produce a very special Christmas project for Google Chrome.

The Brief
Create an animated Advent Calendar, with exclusive illustrated content on each door, run it for 24 days and make it suitable for projection on the side of three 10m high walls at Westfield Shopping Centre, London — in 4 weeks!

The Production
Skyskraper worked closely with the guys at Flourish, providing 3D, illustration, animation and output production services.

The 24 doors were illustrated to show viewers ways that Google Chrome could help and entertain in the run up to Christmas, whether it be last minute shopping ideas, buying a train ticket, social networking or searching for a dancing grandma on YouTube.

The aim was to have the calendar doors map exactly to tiled Westfield facade in order to give the illusion of them opening or retracting into the wall – a technically challenging aspect, but one we overcame by using fixed perspective 3D cameras and some serious measuring calculations.

It was estimated that 1.2 million people would walk past the projections (running from sundown to close of business every night) along the main village entrance of Westfield.

The calendar formed part of a wider Google Chrome campaign developed by Glue and BBH.

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