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Thanks for all your support!

Many thanks to everyone who supported our digital DNA planting, tree loving “growmythoughts” campaign.  It’s proved a great success and we are planning a follow up iPhone/iPad app, as well as a possible console DLC/launch of some sort, in the future.

Data was harvested during the campaign (see image within this post).  We were most impressed with the great revisit success rate, as well as an average time spent on the site of well over a minute!

The site will remain live, users can continue to monitor their plants growth, or pass the good word on and continue to build the seed community!

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onehundred – LIVE!

We’re really pleased to say that the onehundred group website is now alive. It features an abstract node based device for the main navigation system based around the groups brand mark. We really feel the site shows off all of the companies brand attributes and reinforces their mission statement.

See for yourself.

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skyskraper.net wins The CSS Awards ‘SITE of the DAY’ – 5th April 2010

After receiving an honorary mention in March, our very own website has now been awarded ‘SITE of the DAY’ by the good people at The CSS Awards (www.thecssawards.com).

Oh wow! :-)

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growmythoughts.com – plant a digital seed with skyskraper

We are launching a self-promoting and unique advertising campaign to bridge the gap between print and digital media using a social network mechanism delivered via an online experience.

Launching on March 19th 2010, plant a digital seed at growmythoughts.com, and watch it grow over the period of a month. Skyskraper’s specifically designed algorithm will determine the DNA make-up of each seed, giving it growing characteristics like how big the plant will end up, what colour its flowers will be and how many branches it will have. All DNA information gathered will be taken from the planters email address.

Keep an eye on growmythoughts.com and skyskraper for more – and get ready to plant your digital seed…

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New branding, new site

We’ve spent some time recently updating our branding and applying this to a new web presence.

Life, work and inspiration all brought together, with the ability to filter down to just our recent portfolio via the simple navigation.

Keep checking back… adding, not subtracting, is the name of the game!
We hope you enjoy.

And never fear, this blog-based site’s older brother still lives and can be revisited anytime for a squint at our archive too.


Huge advent calender for Google Chrome projected onto Westfield

Animated, projected Advent Calendar

Skyskraper were commissioned by Flourish Creative to help them produce a very special Christmas project for Google Chrome.
…read more

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House of the Dead: Overkill poster creator is still a winner

SEGA’s The House of the Dead: Overkill poster creator won Gold at the Roses Design Awards in October – another accolade for this popular Skyskraper build. A joint collaboration with Fluid, this popular bespoke site also won Best Press Kit at the Leipzig Games Convention in August.

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House of the Dead: Overkill poster creator

Indulge in the fetid dirge, decaying zombies and semi-naked women… Grindhouse style! Check it out

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We went on a wee outing to the Music Week Awards 2009, which SKYSKRAPER co-sponsored. Laughing, celebrations and good times. Highlights were numerous…

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SKYSKRAPER® co-sponsor Music Week Awards 2009

We’re very proud to have co-sponsored the 2009 awards.

The Music Week Awards has a prestigious history stretching across more than three decades. As Music Week magazine enjoys its 50th anniversary this year, the awards celebrated all that is best in the industry.