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Supreme Commander 2 online advertising

Based on the units created for Square Enix’s European distribution, we’ve been working to also satisfy the UK media plan, delivering rich media units via Flashtalking for the pre-awareness part of the Supreme Commander campaign. Look out for video and expandable banner updates here soon, once the launch campaign hits online from 1st March.


ICA’s ‘Disgrace’ film event advertising

The task was to create an adaptable online advertising unit, allowing the ICA to constantly update content (whether it be product releases, film showings or other events) via a modular design. The first roll out was for the showings of the film Disgrace starring John Malkovich.


Kingston University online advertising

Online advertising for Kingston University’s Postgraduate Online Open Day. Developed using Papervision3D as a Google gadget ad.


Not DEAD yet!

We’ve just had the latest stats in on the award winning House of the Dead: Overkill poster creator. Its a year old now and people are still using it to create crazy arsed wallapers! With over 50,000 unique users and 13,474 wallpapers created, we are still averaging out at 300 per month.

Try it yourself…

Samurai Crazy!

It’s all gone “Samurai” again at Skyskraper™ HQ this month, another online campaign rollout for Rising Star’s Way of the Samurai 3.

Screen shot 2010-05-17 at 10.38.38

New branding, new site

We’ve spent some time recently updating our branding and applying this to a new web presence.

Life, work and inspiration all brought together, with the ability to filter down to just our recent portfolio via the simple navigation.

Keep checking back… adding, not subtracting, is the name of the game!
We hope you enjoy.

And never fear, this blog-based site’s older brother still lives and can be revisited anytime for a squint at our archive too.


Perishing students!

Take a look at the results of our design and build for Playlogic’s Obsure: The Aftermath microsite, based on packaging and advertising design from our friends at Fluid.

obsure_main + 4 more images

Sushi Go Round website now live

We’ve just completed the microsite for Miniclip Sushi Go Round, the SouthPeak Games game release.

Based on the Miniclip Flash game of the same name – which is embedded on the game website, as well as it’s original home on Miniclip – the Nintendo DS and Wii games showcase new and improved features, including the option to add your friends to the game with the camera on your DSi, and ability to play with your friends on your Wii!

sushi_main + 4 more images

Huge advent calender for Google Chrome projected onto Westfield

Animated, projected Advent Calendar

Skyskraper were commissioned by Flourish Creative to help them produce a very special Christmas project for Google Chrome.
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google_cs_005 + 4 more images

NinjaTown online advertising

Working directly with SouthPeak Games and the games producer/original artist for full ninja impact!


House of the Dead: Overkill poster creator

Indulge in the fetid dirge, decaying zombies and semi-naked women… Grindhouse style! Check it out

hotd_001 + 3 more images

Horrid Henry: Missions of Mischief TV and online advertising

SKYSKRAPER recently designed and built an interactive online advertising unit for Horrid Henry: Missions of Mischief. This expandable MPU incorporating mini game included voice over, interactive gameplay and a competition.

Horrid Henry Missions of Mischief from SKYSKRAPER on Vimeo.


Mad Dog McCree: Gunslinger Pack online advertising

SKYSKRAPER was commissioned to produce online advertising for the latest version of the old western gunslinger game Mad Dog McCree – Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack. We rolled out a YouTube in-video ad and flash companion, a video pre-roll and a video super leader board.


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 digital advertising campaign

Skyskraper recently completed work for the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 game. The work consisted of a brand overhaul that saw us output work across various mediums, including a branded keynote presentation for the PR launch, 30 second TV spot, digital escalator panels at Oxford Circus tube and a video advertising display at London’s famous Piccadilly Circus light wall.
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NSG2_005 + 4 more images

Vector City Racers promo trailer – MMO competition racing!

Skyskraper worked with Vector Entertainment to create a promo trailer for use in marketing it’s cool new multiplayer online game and community, Vector City Racers. No downloads – you’re straight in and racing!

Visiting the mod shop allows you to create your own custom racer and immediately start exploring this 3D multiplayer environment, combining the depth of an MMO with exciting competition racing.

Vector City Racers – Promo Trailer from SKYSKRAPER on Vimeo.