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HTC Smithfield Nocturne 2010 30″ animation

Our friends (and dream client!) Flourish Creative brought us on board to help realise a 30 second animated piece for this event.  You can view the fruits here…

HTC Nocturne Event Animation from SKYSKRAPER on Vimeo.


An estimated 10,000 people attended the HTC Smithfield Nocturne throughout the day to enjoy a packed program of cycling entertainment. Now in its fourth year, the Smithfield Nocturne has gone from strength to strength. In partnership with HTC and the London Festival of Architecture, 2010 saw a few new twists to the tried-and-tested format.

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes!

Nicola Hall’s new-look ‘Hall of Cakes’ website has been launched!
Built on the structure of our “home grown” CMS system “STEM”, we are proud to say that the site is now live, featuring larger than life full screen takeover imagery and custom lightbox features. The site is fully controlled by STEM, a collaboration between Skyskraper and the development talents of our very own Dan Woodroffe.

Hall of Cakes is making great headway on the search rankings leader-board too, this was one of the fundamental requests from the client during briefing. We are now looking at packaging up “STEM” as an off-the-shelf CMS, so watch this space for more info…

Looks good on an iPhone too!

Check it out

HOC1 + 5 more images

Quantum Theory – website LIVE!

Tecmo Koei’s Quantum Theory website is now live!

Working with the superior Away 3D engine, our design and build features an internal tweet mechanism and beefed visual delivery supported by asset supply from the game development team.

COMING SOON! The site will contain an exclusive Experience section, viewable when the social web community work together. All you have to do is tweet about the game and add the #quantumgame tag. Listen out and we’ll let you know when to tweet!

Check the site out here

QTMainImage + 4 more images

Skyskraper Wallpaper Series 003

The studio has been a bit manic lately so the wallpapers have been a little slow in production. But we’ve got another visual goodie bag waiting for download. This weeks wallpapers are by Paul Boulding — n.joy

Go get em!

skyskraper-wp_pb_03-iPhone + 2 more images

Skyskraper Wallpaper Series 002

Matt Thorne gifts us with the second Skyskraper™ Designers Collection of wallpapers. Some deluxe digital goodness. Download and enjoy in a variery of resolution sizes including iPhone.

More coming next Monday.

Click here to download

skyskraper-wp_mt_02-iphone + 2 more images

onehundred – LIVE!

We’re really pleased to say that the onehundred group website is now alive. It features an abstract node based device for the main navigation system based around the groups brand mark. We really feel the site shows off all of the companies brand attributes and reinforces their mission statement.

See for yourself.

100_blog-001 + 4 more images

Skyskraper Wallpaper Series 001 Launch

We are proud to launch our very own Skyskraper Designers Collection of wallpapers. Each designer in the team has been tasked with a blank canvas and must populate it with visual goodness. This weeks collection is from Charlie Keeper. Download and enjoy in a variery of resolution sizes including iPhone.

More coming this Friday.

Click here to download

skyskraper-wp_ck_03-iphone + 2 more images

Samurai Sho Down – Sen

Online ad campaign for Rising Star’s Samurai Sho Down – Sen.

Screen shot 2010-05-17 at 10.30.50

skyskraper.net wins The CSS Awards ‘SITE of the DAY’ – 5th April 2010

After receiving an honorary mention in March, our very own website has now been awarded ‘SITE of the DAY’ by the good people at The CSS Awards (www.thecssawards.com).

Oh wow! :-)

CSSAWARD_003 + 3 more images

Fragile Dreams…

Online ad campaign for Rising Star’s Fragile Dreams.

Screen shot 2010-05-14 at 16.07.36

Rune Factory Frontier – online

Online ad campaign for Rising Star’s Rune Factory Frontier.

Screen shot 2010-05-17 at 10.19.14


The sowing has started on the growmythoughts.com terrain.

Over the next four weeks we’d like you to join us as part of a unique experience.  We are evoking the rules of digital mother nature, allowing each visitor to plant a digital seed and watch it grow into a unique tree.

We’ll need to generate some DNA from your name and comment text, so please click here and fill in the seedling panel.  Then click the PLANT button to release your seed.

Every tree is unique, so get planting.  Others will follow, and before you know it we’ll have a collective of trees planted by like minded people.

GMT_002 + 6 more images

Ditch the Distraction!

Earlier this month we designed and produced a flash mini game for our good friends at Zest. It was part of a large campaign to get kids to ditch distractions such as MP3 players, Mobile Phones and generally to stop fooling around at roadside areas.

Check it out!

PrintStill + 6 more images

Bibou™ Test

Maxon™ were kind enough to send us a demo of C4D™. We’ve been having loads of fun adding hair to just about everything. Its the most comprehensive fantastic bit of software i’ve ever used. Here is one of our tests for Bibou.

Bibou_V1 from SKYSKRAPER on Vimeo.

growmythoughts.com – plant a digital seed with skyskraper

We are launching a self-promoting and unique advertising campaign to bridge the gap between print and digital media using a social network mechanism delivered via an online experience.

Launching on March 19th 2010, plant a digital seed at growmythoughts.com, and watch it grow over the period of a month. Skyskraper’s specifically designed algorithm will determine the DNA make-up of each seed, giving it growing characteristics like how big the plant will end up, what colour its flowers will be and how many branches it will have. All DNA information gathered will be taken from the planters email address.

Keep an eye on growmythoughts.com and skyskraper for more – and get ready to plant your digital seed…

gmt_001 + 1 more image