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Skyskraper Wallpaper Series 003

The studio has been a bit manic lately so the wallpapers have been a little slow in production. But we’ve got another visual goodie bag waiting for download. This weeks wallpapers are by Paul Boulding — n.joy

Go get em!

skyskraper-wp_pb_03-iPhone + 2 more images

Thanks for all your support!

Many thanks to everyone who supported our digital DNA planting, tree loving “growmythoughts” campaign.  It’s proved a great success and we are planning a follow up iPhone/iPad app, as well as a possible console DLC/launch of some sort, in the future.

Data was harvested during the campaign (see image within this post).  We were most impressed with the great revisit success rate, as well as an average time spent on the site of well over a minute!

The site will remain live, users can continue to monitor their plants growth, or pass the good word on and continue to build the seed community!

GMTAdImage + 5 more images

The richest of reading experiences!

Flowers of Light!

On the theme of digital flowers, we are loving this!

Commissioned for Milan 2010, Jason Bruges Studio’s latest creation is a captivating artwork featuring Lumiblade OLEDs.

Mimosa is an interactive artwork displaying behavior that mimics responsive plant systems.The piece was inspired by the Mimosa family of plants, which change kinetically to suit their environmental conditions.

Mimosa by Jason Bruges Studio from Bruges Studio on Vimeo.

Projection Mapping Lights

ENVISION : Step into the sensory box from SUPERBIEN on Vimeo.

The guys at superbien.fr have been busy getting creative with some lights – A projection mapped installation by Alcatel-Lucent for their customers at the last Mobile World Congress

An experience-based video mapping designed by the agency and the Department Superbien New Media Agency / Auditorium. The public was invited into a cube and discover an artistic vision of the tagline of the event: Transforming the Mobile Experience.

envision02-640x359 + 3 more images

Skyskraper Wallpaper Series 002

Matt Thorne gifts us with the second Skyskraper™ Designers Collection of wallpapers. Some deluxe digital goodness. Download and enjoy in a variery of resolution sizes including iPhone.

More coming next Monday.

Click here to download

skyskraper-wp_mt_02-iphone + 2 more images

Skyskraper Wallpaper Series 001 Launch

We are proud to launch our very own Skyskraper Designers Collection of wallpapers. Each designer in the team has been tasked with a blank canvas and must populate it with visual goodness. This weeks collection is from Charlie Keeper. Download and enjoy in a variery of resolution sizes including iPhone.

More coming this Friday.

Click here to download

skyskraper-wp_ck_03-iphone + 2 more images

skyskraper.net wins The CSS Awards ‘SITE of the DAY’ – 5th April 2010

After receiving an honorary mention in March, our very own website has now been awarded ‘SITE of the DAY’ by the good people at The CSS Awards (www.thecssawards.com).

Oh wow! :-)

CSSAWARD_003 + 3 more images

Beautiful Noise.

The “Kinetic Sculpture” metaphorically translates into space the form-finding process of vehicle design. The interplay of mechanical and electronic components creates a dynamic art piece reflecting the precise exchange between a great number of individual elements and the single, coherent picture that emerges from them.

Attached by thin steel wires to individually-controlled stepper motors, 714 metal spheres move up and down, seemingly levitating.

Kinetic Sculpture for the BMW Museum, Munich 2008 from ART+COM on Vimeo.


The following advert is a meld of high-tech compositing and low-tech iPhone video, complete with rolling shutter goodness and shaky handheld work. Courtesy of The Mill – Amazin!

Be sure to check out the making of it afterward.

The glass followers…

Audience, conceived by rAndom International, is an installation consisting of around 64 head-size mirror objects. Each object moves its head in a particular way to give it different characteristics of human behaviour. Some chat amongst themselves, some shy away and others confidently move to grab your attention.

When members of the audience occupy the space, the mirrors inquisitively follow someone that they find interesting. Having chosen their subject, they all synchronise and turn their heads towards them. Suddenly that person can see their reflection in all of the mirrors. They will watch this person until they become disinterested, then either seek out another subject or return to their private chatter. The collective behaviour of the objects is beyond the control of the viewer, as it is left entirely to their discretion to let go of their subject.

Audience – rAndom International from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.

The Splendorous Form of Noise

Zimoun : Sound Sculptures & Installations | Compilation Video V1.6 from ZIMOUN VIDEO ARCHIVE on Vimeo.

New branding, new site

We’ve spent some time recently updating our branding and applying this to a new web presence.

Life, work and inspiration all brought together, with the ability to filter down to just our recent portfolio via the simple navigation.

Keep checking back… adding, not subtracting, is the name of the game!
We hope you enjoy.

And never fear, this blog-based site’s older brother still lives and can be revisited anytime for a squint at our archive too.


Augmented Reality shoes

adidas Originals is launching the first Augmented Reality experience in footwear.

The adidas Originals AR Game Pack is a set of 5 shoes, each printed with an AR code on the tongue. When you hold the code in front of your webcam, you’ll gain access to a virtual version of the adidas Originals Neighbourhood.

Each month between February and April, they’ll launch a new interactive game within the Neighbourhood and your shoe will be the game controller.

The experience launches on February 10th at www.adidas.com/originals

Google Ninja!

We love some Ninja Action – and this is JUST special.

Patrick Boivin is back with more top drawer stop-action work, this time for Google’s Nexus One phone.